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The Orchard

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The Orchard

Pattern by Suzanne Marshall, my quilt teacher at Ogallala 2005 and Quilters' Escape 2007 in Ferndale, CA.

While visiting a museum overseas, Suzanne saw an old painting stored in the basement. It had three trees, but she only put in two trees. I added my own. Suzanne had sent me a purple charm square from one of her previous award winning quilts. So I used it for the woman's dress, and the horseman's shirt and some small flowers.

I used the soft, white Minkie fabric for the horse's tail and mane and for the rabbit's tail. I was watching the Super Bowl 2008 while hand appliqueing the apples. There was an ad for Life Water with two lizards, so I found some fabric pieces (fake snake hide) and put two lizards on the right side of the quilt - one beige and one dark brown.

Finished size 57" x 42".