Quilts by Martha

Introducing Martha McClenagan

Biography of a Quilter

At eight years of age, while visiting her grandparents in Alabama, Martha made her very first quilt. It was a simple block pattern with pink and white blocks. Martha tried other crafts--tatting, embroidering, crocheting, and knitting, but has always returned to her first love: quilting.

When married in 1955, her husband presented her with a wedding gift: a Singer Featherweight sewing machine. Through the early years of their marriage she used it to make clothes for herself and four children. Once her four children had graduated from high school, Martha began quilting in earnest. Near her home in West Texas, Martha has four local quilt shops in which to attend classes, participate in show-and-tell, purchase kits, and browse for bargains.

She has won many quilting ribbons-white, red, blue, best of show, and the Open Textiles Superintendent's Award for Best Overall. A few of her more than one hundred quilts have been presented to friends and family-from king size to cozy lap quilts.

She has finally come to a crossroads of her quilting world: to organize and sell off some of her "little darlings." Thus, this web site was born, designed by a son and grandson.

Hope you enjoy browsing Martha's Quilt Show. Professional/Certified appraisals range from $900.00 to $2400.00.